New Look, Same Great Way to Compare Crypto

Nov 11, 2021

If you're visiting this blog post, you've probably seen Invity's new look. We're proud of the work our whole team put into giving our comparison tool a more modern, sleek facelift. But it's not just looks that have improved - we've made some small tweaks and a big addition that will change the way people compare crypto exchanges, buy crypto, and do a whole lot more. We're especially excited to tell you about our Beginner's Guide to Crypto. So either click that link to see for yourself or read on for our take on how we've improved, your companion in cryptocurrencies.

Why we revised

As we've mentioned before, Invity's site has been open to the public since just May of 2020. During these past 18 months or so, we've had the great privilege to help process millions of dollars in crypto transactions, nearly double the number of crypto exchange providers that appear in our offers lists, and grow even closer to the team behind the Trezor hardware wallet. But we've also been gathering feedback from users who put their faith in our up-and-coming crypto exchange comparison tool. It's thanks to insights from crypto-curious newcomers and hardcore crypto users - as well as our team that's grown in size and talent - that we found where we needed to improve. So the guiding principles behind this redesign were twofold: make our mission even clearer and make our processes even smoother. Let's take a look at how we've done that.

The new Invity home page

The new Invity home page.

The starting point for most of our users and the place where you'll see the most changes is the Invity home page. It's cleaner, leaner, and tells you what we're all about: Invity is here to let you compare crypto exchanges so you get the best rates. What's more, we remain your companion in cryptocurrencies so there's never a sense of being overwhelmed or adrift. If you feel confident and want to buy Bitcoin instantly, you can punch in your info and compare offers without even having to scroll.

But if you're still in investigation mode, move down our new home page a little bit more and we break everything down for you. We lay out How it works: from preparing your wallet, to how to compare offers in our comparison tool, to how easy it is to select the offer you want. Whether you're a new or returning user, these are the three keys you need buy Bitcoin or your favorite altcoin on Invity.

The following sections do much the same, but they break down the companies and sites we work with too. There's a section on how to choose a wallet, including a direct link to the Trezor hardware wallet e-shop for your convenience as well as security. We finish it up with a beautiful section on our sister site and the info they provide if you want to find a way to spend your crypto in the real world or prefer to buy crypto with cash at a Bitcoin ATM.

Smoother Buy, Exchange, and Sell flows

While it's plenty easy to get started buying crypto instantly without even leaving our homepage, we've taken a similar streamlined approach to our Exchange and Sell landing pages too.

Taking buy offers as an example, from the moment you hit Compare and buy, we've made everything smoother. You still see how much you want to spend, how much crypto you'll end up with, the available payment methods, and the provider. But now we've made our alternative offers a unique new tab. Less scrolling for you, but also a better way to be more aware of just where the best crypto exchange rate may be - in your local currency or another fiat currency you may be aware of.

Get alternative offers when you buy crypto instantly on Invity

Once you select a buy, exchange, or sell offer, we've pared down the flow and added visual markers so you can see at a glance what step you're at and how many are left. The same is true when you exchange crypto or sell crypto too.

Buy crypto instantly even more easily with a visual guide

Then for a final touch, the end of each transaction process invites you to visit our Trustpilot account to leave us a review. You can do the same from the footer of any Invity page. This helps us a lot - it helps us feel good if it's a good review and helps us find even more ways to improve if you didn't encounter what you wanted.

Beginner's Guide to Crypto

But the thing we're probably most excited to share is a brand-new page: the Invity Beginner's Guide to Crypto. Just take a look and tell us that isn't beautiful.

The purpose of this page is exactly what it says on the box: we want to be the crypto guide for crypto-curious new users just getting started in cryptocurrencies. On a single page without distractions, we've boiled down step-by-step exactly what you need to know to make your first Bitcoin transaction.

We start off by helping you choose and set up your first crypto wallet, laying out what a wallet actually does (hint: it's not holding your coins!) and then offering our recommendations for both the best hot wallets and the best crypto hardware wallet. We then move on to the topic of verification and the materials you need to prepare to complete the KYC process process hassle-free - getting you one step closer to buying crypto (almost) instantly. We then finish it off with a walk-through of the Invity crypto exchange comparison tool, breaking down how each part helps you choose the best offer.

We could share screenshots of this here, but where's the fun in that? Take a look for yourself at our Beginner's Guide to Crypto. This is also the perfect link to share with friends, family, and anyone you want to onboard into crypto.

What's stayed the same?

There are some other behind-the-scenes fixes too, but we encourage you to visit the new home page to start exploring for yourself. It probably seems like all these changes meant starting from the ground up, and sometimes it might have felt like it as we were putting in the work. But it isn't entirely the case, as the core of Invity has stayed the same:

  • We still connect you to 12 of the most trusted crypto exchanges that allow you to buy crypto instantly, perform coin-to-coin swaps, and even cash out your crypto direct to your bank account all in one place.
  • We still offer great partnership opportunities - so more providers can join our comparison tool or influencers can join our affiliate program to help spread the word about Invity and the world of crypto.
  • We still enable the only exchange interface directly in Trezor Suite.
  • We still take care of, and even have some changes in the works there there too.
  • We still update the Invity blog with crypto basics and other need-to-know topics.

Because Invity is still, above all, dedicated to making sure that crypto is for everyone.

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