How to Get More Offers When Buying Crypto with Fiat

Sep 15, 2021

Invity's comparison tool has been a game changer for crypto buyers for almost a year and a half now. On our website and in Trezor Suite, we bring together offers from the best purchase and exchange providers around the world so that you're sure to be able to buy crypto with fiat at the best rate, exchange one crypto for another, and even cash out quickly. (And that's not to mention our hotly anticipated dollar-cost averaging savings account that's in the works.) But today we're rolling our a small change that will have a big effect when it comes to making your fiat-to-crypto transactions even more convenient and the offers you see even more comprehensive. We call it alternative buy offers, and you can read all about how it works below!

Why alternative offers?

Users of currencies like the US dollar, euro, or pound may not have to think much about other currencies on a day-to-day basis, but the fact is that many people around the world are accustomed to using both these major world currencies alongside their local currencies like Czech crowns, Turkish liras, or dozens of others. They may live close to international borders (like many in Invity's home country of the Czech Republic), their local currency may be weak (as in Turkey), or they may simply travel often.

Whatever the reason, it's often automatic for these folks to think about buying their crypto in these major world currencies too, not even realizing that more and more providers can convert a wide range of world currencies directly to fiat. In fact, Invity has made it a priority to serve as much of the globe as possible, meaning nearly anyone can use our tool to convert their choice of 38 fiat currencies directly to crypto. What's more, buying directly with a local currency often nets you a similar exchange rate while also requiring fewer banking fees, since your bank doesn't need to convert your local currency behind the scenes. Like when you buy crypto with local payment methods, this means added transparency during your transaction while ending up with the same or more crypto in the end—and that's why we're so excited about our alternative buy offers!

Let's walk through it using an example: say you want to buy Bitcoin in Brazil.

All-in-one interface

Location, location, location

Visit Invity's Buy crypto page and you'll be presented with the buy interface you know and love. As usual, you're able to easily select the crypto you want to buy, the fiat you want to spend, and how much you want to spend too. But at the bottom of this interface, there's another dropdown menu we haven't talked much about before: Offers for. This should automatically be set to the location you're visiting our site from—if you're in Brazil, it should be set to Brazil. This helps ensure that you'll be connected to transaction providers that can service you in a fully compliant manner, but it's also the first step in making sure you see the alternative offers we're talking about today. So make sure this is set to your country.

You can find the Offers for dropdown menu just under the Compare and buy button.
You can find the Offers for dropdown menu just under the Compare and buy button.

Compare as usual...

But let's say you're accustomed to buying your crypto in dollars instead of Brazilian reals. Input the amount you want to spend—say $200—and select Compare and buy. You'll be presented with a nice long list of offers from our various providers. And as usual, all of these offers include all fees—no hiding here.

Invity's long list of offers, with details about payment methods, providers, and no hidden fees.
Invity's long list of offers, with details about payment methods, providers, and no hidden fees.

Scroll for a surprise...

Now here's the cool part: scroll down just a little bit and you'll be presented with another list under the helpful heading If you pay in BRL, you can get more offers. Invity has automatically converted the amount you typed in—USD 200—to Brazilian reals and shows what you can get if you pay with this currency instead. You'll even notice if you buy crypto with Brazilian reals instead of dollars, the rates are comparable or even better. How cool is that!

Here are Invity's alternative buy offers, still on the same page you're used to.
Here are Invity's alternative buy offers, still on the same page you're used to.

From here, the choice is yours. Just pick the offer that you like best, whether it's because you like the exchange rate, the provider, or you just want to check out a new option. Complete the quick buying process as usual, and voila: your crypto will be on its way to your wallet.

We selected Brazil more or less at random, but the process works the same elsewhere: if you search for offers that aren't in your country's local currency, you'll see offers in the currency you selected as well as the one you have at home. Only in Europe is the process slightly different: alternative buy offers will be in euros even if your country doesn't use them. But you shouldn't fret, since euros have one of the longest lists of competing rates and payment methods from our growing list of crypto exchange providers.

We hope you like the added flexibility and convenience of our alternative buy offers, and keep in mind that Trezor users can get the very same alternatives in Trezor Suite as well! (Don't have an ultra-secure Trezor hardware wallet yet? Get Invity's secret 10% discount!) It too will continue to grow as our list of providers, countries, and currencies does too. So even if your local currency isn't listed at the moment, be sure to check back often, as it may be soon!

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