Fiat currencies accepted through Invity

Use any of the currencies below to explore the fiat-to-crypto exchange possibilities of Invity.

Fiat currencies accepted by Invity's partners

Invity's partners currently accept payments in the following fiat currencies for transactions using the Buy crypto feature. Note that not all currencies may be available for all providers.

Currency code Currency Issuing country/entity
AED UAE dirham United Arab Emirates
ARS Argentine peso Argentina
AUD Australian dollar Australia
BRL Brazilian real Brazil
CAD Canadian dollar Canada
CHF Swiss franc Switzerland
CLP Chilean peso Chile
CNY Chinese yen China
CZK Czech koruna Czech Republic
DKK Danish krone Denmark
EUR Euro European Union
GBP Pound sterling United Kingdom
HKD Hong Kong dollar Hong Kong
HUF Forint Hungary
IDR Indonesian rupiah Indonesia
ILS New Israeli shekel Israel
INR Indian rupee India
JPY Yen Japan
KRW South Korean won South Korea
KWD Kuwaiti dinar Kuwait
LKR Sri Lankan rupee Sri Lanka
MXN Mexican peso Mexico
MYR Malaysian ringgit Malaysia
NOK Norwegian krone Norway
NZD New Zealand dollar New Zealand
PHP Philippine peso (piso) Philippines
PKR Pakistani rupee Pakistan
PLN Złoty Poland
RUB Russian ruble Russia
SAR Saudi riyal Saudi Arabia
SEK Swedish krona Sweden
SGD Singapore dollar Singapore
THB Thai baht Thailand
TRY Turkish lira Turkey
TWD New Taiwan dollar Taiwan
UAH Hryvnia Ukraine
USD US dollar United States
VND Dong Vietnam
ZAR Rand South Africa
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