Invity's Providers & Schedule of Crypto Transaction Fees

A full list of crypto transaction fees for purchases and trades made with

Invity's Schedule of Crypto Transaction Fees

Below is a full list of transaction fees that apply when you buy, exchange, sell, or spend crypto with providers. Fees may vary depending on the selected payment method, currency, or location.

Buy crypto

Provider Total user fee
Banxa 1%–4%
BTC Direct 2.5%–4%
CEX 6.5%
Coinify 2.2%–4.2%
Mercuryo 4.95%
Simple Coin 2.2%–4%
Simplex 6%
Wyre 1.2%–4.9% + USD 0.30 (minimum USD 5.00 total)

Note: Some partners may offer quotes in your local currency instead of a major reserve currency (e.g. USD, EUR). Offers in local currencies may seem more beneficial to you, but double-check the provider's site closely as some may charge an additional conversion fee between your local currency and a reserve currency before converting it to crypto. Conversion fees vary depending on the local currency and the provider. Conversion fees of this nature are similar to Direct Currency Conversion (DCC), which you might encounter while traveling abroad and paying with your credit card.

Exchange crypto

Provider Total user fee
ChangeHero 0.5%
Changelly 0.5%
ChangeNow 0.5%
FoxExchange 0.5% 0.5%

Sell crypto

Provider Total user fee
BTC Direct 2.5%

Invest in crypto

We're still working on this feature, so stay tuned!

Spend crypto

This feature is currently only available in Trezor Suite. Stay tuned for when we add it to!

Provider Method Total user fee
Bitrefill Crypto to gift card 3%–4%
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